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STYLE MONARCHY, Ltd. is a company specialized in designing and creating quality corporate uniforms. Our goal and commitment is to bring the “fashion” element to the professional apparel industry so that individuals working in uniforms can still feel and look their best on a daily basis. We are focused on delivering high quality uniforms that add elegance, sophistication, and modernity to the comfort element that uniforms require.

Our company has two locations, one in Europe and one in the United States. Our two locations enable us to concentrate on the specific requirements of each region so that we can offer our clients the best services possible and respond to their global needs.

STYLE MONARCHY, S.L serves the European market’s needs, with its offices in Barcelona, Spain. STYLE MONARCHY, Ltd. is located in the United States, more precisely in San Diego, California, and serves the needs of the South America, Central America and North America customers.


The European offices of STYLE MONARCHY, S.L are located in the center of Barcelona, with easy access from the subway, buses and car.

We work closely on a regular basis with about 20 companies; have about 200 suppliers that allow us to offer our customers the best final products.

The clients of STYLE MONARCHY, S.L are situated in different parts of Europe, mainly Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and some northern Europeans countries. They are mostly from Luxurious Hotels, Restaurants, Spas, wellness centers and Clinics to name a few.



The headquarters of STYLE MONARCHY, Ltd. are located in San Diego, California, at about 30 minutes from the Mexican border; a strategic location that allows us to serve not only the America market but also the central and south American markets.

At this point, most of our clientele is concentrated in the United States and Caribbean Islands. Some customers however, are in Canada, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Argentina and Brazil.

Our customers are mostly from Luxurious Hotels, Restaurants, Spas, wellness centers and Clinics to name a few.